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#GoodNews: Strangers Offer to Transport Appliance That Doesn’t Fit In Car

I decided it was finally time to replace my inoperable propane grill. My friend in her roomy Forester, and I in my tiny Prius C headed to the local big box store to buy a shiny new on-sale model. She parked in front of the line of grills, I ran into the store, bought the grill and within 10 minutes a couple employees were ready to load it into my friend’s Subaru.

44x 45 inches. No matter which way the saleswomen measured it, the Forester offered 1” less breadth than needed.

Seconds later, a masked couple in a HUGE pickup truck parked behind us, jumped out, and volunteered, “looks like you can’t fit it in your car. We’ll take it to your house.”

Grateful but knowing my house was over 15 miles away, I thanked them anyway, but told them how far away their trip would be. They looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and said, ”That’s OK…we don’t have anything else to do!”

Off we went to my house, with the Subaru leading the way and my Prius bringing up the rear.....I watching my new grill ride securely toward its new home.

To have this gracious deed received from complete strangers, is a thankful reminder that altruism and goodness is not a lost.”

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