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#GoodNews: Taco Bell Employee Saves Man’s Life in Drive-Thru

Last Wednesday, Sonja was working at a Taco Bell in Tennessee, when she ended up saving a man’s life.

It all started when the drive-thru line came to a complete halt. “We were seeing cars and hearing the bell go off, but nobody was coming through the drive-thru. One of my managers looked on the camera and saw a car was parked the wrong way. It looked like it'd rolled into the drive-thru line and was blocking it."

One of Sonja’s co-workers, Jonathan, went outside to investigate and saw a man passed in the driver seat of a van.

"We opened the door, and he was blue. I told Jonathan to park the car, and we both pulled him out and put him on the ground. His hands and fingertips were blue. I found a pulse, but it was real vague.”

Sonja has worked at Taco Bell for about 14 years, but she previously worked as a home healthcare worker for six years and had taken multiple first-aid courses for certification. She immediately flipped him over and performed CPR for 11 minutes until first responders arrived and took over.

“I saw him grab one of their arms when they were lifting him up in the stretcher and that was when I knew he would be okay.”

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