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#GoodNews: Viral FB Post Helps Utah College Student After Storm

Brittany Blackham is a University if Utah student. On September 8, the strong winds that ripped through the Wasatch Front sent a tree crashing down on her car.

Some neighbors had gotten together to clean up the trees that had fallen on multiple vehicles, and once Brittany’s car was uncovered she saw the extent of the damage. As a full-time student on a tight budget, she didn’t know how she’d pay to tow it, let alone replace it. So she taped a sign to her car window that said “help a girl out” and her Venmo account info.

One neighbor, Ben, shared a photo of the car a the sign on social media, with this message...

“On Tuesday morning, we pulled a giant tree off of this car. I didn’t know the story behind the girl who owns it, and I still have not met her, but I saw these posters go up yesterday and I thought it might be fun to run a little experiment. I talked to Brittany’s neighbors, and they said that she works two jobs to make ends meet. This was her one means of transportation.

So here’s the experiment - let’s make her day. I’m guessing everyone who reads this has a dollar to donate. And if everyone donates a dollar, Brittany can buy a new old car. Let’s help a girl out! Only $1 if you’ve got it. Spread the word. Spread the love.”

The money started coming in. Within 24 hours Brittany had enough to buy a new car. Ben gave this update on Facebook:

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