#GoodNews: Idaho Man Pays for $5,000 Worth of Strangers’ Groceries

(Boise, ID) Julie Weaver was doing the monthly grocery store run for a group home she manages and when she went to pay for the $415 worth of food, the cashier told her it had been paid for. She was pleasantly surprised and then noticed people walking around the store paying for others strangers’ groceries.

After a little investigation, Weaver learned the generous gestures were all thanks to a man who was celebrating his birthday by having his employees pay for strangers’ groceries. The guy was trying to keep it a secret, but word got out that the benefactor is Quest Groups’ CEO, Joe Kosakowski.

In the end, his act of kindness bought $5,000 worth of groceries for shoppers that day. “It just makes me happy and it brings me joy,” Julie says. “For me, it wasn’t about the money, it was the act.”

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