Pain Free Life -- Women Feels No Pain


In Scotland, JoCameron has lived a life free of pain. But she only found that out at age 65. She's had broken bones with no painful reaction; when she burns herself she can be unaware it's happening until she smells her flesh singeing. She's had dental work done and gone through childbirth without the need for pain relief. There's even video ofCameroneating the fiery Scotch bonnet chili pepper and smiling through the process. But she's also an optimistic person who reports almost never panicking-including when a car accident two years ago left her vehicle upside-down on its roof. She experiences very little anxiety, is almost never afraid, and her wounds tend to heal quickly. But she had no idea she was special until doctors X-rayed her hip and found massive deterioration in the joint. They couldn't believe she wasn't in pain. At age 66 she had a surgery on her hands that's described as "excruciating"; again, no discomfort.

Randy Rose

Randy Rose

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