Girl Hit Head And Now Everyday is Oct 12, 2017


A year and a half ago, Caitlin Little, a sophomore at Southeast Guilford High School in Greensboro, North Carolina, suffered a concussion during a cross-country track practice which left her with a rare form of amnesia. Every night when she goes to bed, all of her new memories are erased so every morning she wakes up thinking it's October 2017. On October 12, 2017, Caitlin hit her head when one of her team mates accidentally stumbled into her. At the time, both the girl's coaches and a neurologist thought the effects would pass in a matter of weeks. But time went by, and Caitlin did not display the usual progress. She still hasn't, so every day, her parents have to wake her up gently, tell her what day it is and explain that she hit her head two years ago. To help her cope with the situation she keeps a daily journal and her parents have Caitlin read the journal at her bedside to help her understand. Despite numerous visits to several doctors, no one has come up with a cure. Her current treatment reportedly costs $1,000 a day, and since neither of her parents are working right now, the bills are racking up fast. Luckily, the family have received financial support through crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, after Caitlin's case became the subject of a documentary series on MyFox8 called "Caitlin Can't Remember.

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Randy Rose

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