"Shores of Normandy" -- #1 on the music charts


Believe it or not a 90-year-old man is currently beating Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran on Amazon UK's singles chart! But this isn't just any 90-year-old. Jim Radford is a D-Day veteran who released a special tribute to that fateful day in 1944. Mr. Radford was just 15 during World War II's D-Day landings-the youngest known D-Day veteran - and he wrote "Shores of Normandy" 25 years later, when he returned to the site during the anniversary and saw children playing on the beach where so many soldiers' bodies were once scattered. The Normandy Memorial Trust re-released the song this year to mark the 75th anniversary and it's been No. 1 on the chart for most of this week.

Randy Rose

Randy Rose

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